Aaron S. Hawley (aaronhawley) wrote,
Aaron S. Hawley

World War Two Veteran Quote

I don’t think there’s ever been a good war, never been one. It’s the height of ignorance. I mean, it’s legalized murder. You’re killing somebody and then your mother teaches you to believe in God and then, at 17, they say now we’re gonna show you how to kill. It’s too schizophrenic. It doesn’t make sense. We should believe in God, believe in being a human being, and giving to the earth instead of taking from it. -- Anthony Dominick Benedetto

Tony Bennett recently received criticism for making the obvious point about a so-called war on terrorism, "But who are the terrorists? Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right."

Tony Bennett served in the the US Army and a tour in the final year of the second World War that began in France and ended in Germany. He saw the Battle of the Bulge, spent winter months in a foxhole, engaged in town-to-town fighting and liberated one of the German concentration camps at Dachau.

It's said that freedoms in the US were and are fought for in wars here and abroad. If you fight in a war don't you get the right to speak freely? It was a corollary that never existed. It was invented.

Studies have shown that recent veterans are facing unemployment at twice the US average. Returning veterans represent nearly 1/5 of all suicides. More recently, Dover Air Force Base has been found to be mishandling the remains of soldiers returning from US occupations and interventions.

I do not participate in the genuflection and formal observance of Veteran's Day, but will support the rights and respect of veterans every day of the year.


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